PSE Recruitment

Who can join?  PSE Regionals 2016

  • Men and women
  • Any major
  • Any undergraduate level
  • GPA of 2.25 or higher 

Pi Sigma Epsilon is open to all Applachian State University students that have an overall GPA of 2.25 or higher. Freshmen without a standing GPA yet are the exception. While PSE is marketing-oriented, all majors are welcome to join. This is because fine-tuned marketing skills are beneficial for any major and career. Students with at least two remaining semesters can join, although it is recommended to join early. Most members admit that they wish they joined sooner to have more opportunities within Pi Sigma Epsilon and to participate in everything the organization has to offer.



The Recruitment Process

In order to join PSE, prospective members must go through a recruiting process designed to retain and develop talented people that can contribute to the organization. Recruiting as a group develops team-building qualities that are going to be used as a member. This process lasts for a large portion of the semester. Prospective members are given certain tasks throughout the semester, a couple of them are mentioned below. 

Prospective Member Project

The recruitment class is required to complete a marketing or sales project. Examples of past projects have been selling Appalachian State Football koozies, hosting a Trivia Night on campus and raising funds for a charity golf tournament. In addition to this project, prospective members are asked to contribute time to our usual sales or community service projects.

PSE Adopt a Street

Community Service 

Prospective members, as well as current members are expected to participate in our philanthropic efforts to help our community. We have adopted Hardin St. on campus and we also work with organizations such as the Watagua County Humane Society, Horse Helpers and the Hospitality House of Boone.



Social Events

Among the tasks listed above, Pi Sigma Epsilon holds many social events throughout the semester. These are great opportunities for Prospective Members to get to know the general membership better. We even have a semi formal in the fall, usually at a cabin in the mountains, and a formal in the spring, usually at the beach for the weekend. These events will make your time in Pi Sigma Epsilon! Afterall, one of the most important things to us is brotherhood.

PSE Formal


Contact Us

President: Christine Fronzaglia

VP of Administraion: Maggie Turner

VP of Marketing: Anna Monroe

VP of Finance: Andrew Viditz-Ward

VP of Public Relations: Burke Allred

VP of Professional Development: Jade Ryan

VP of Human Resources: Connor Johnson

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